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Kiss me hard before you go…


One of the easiest beauty tricks is lipstick.

 It’s easy to apply, the hard part is to choose the right color. The rogue is supposed to highlight our features and give a pop of color.

But if not used the right, you can end up looking like a clown. And that’s defenetly something we don’t want to happen.

Here are some tips on how to choose color according to your color skin:

  • If you are WHITE/FAIR like me I suggest that in summer you try a coral lipstick something light, not that bold. My favorite is a light pink, since im tan it really pops out, and I don’t need much more make -up than that, you can also try as well peachy tones.
  • If you have more MEDIUM COLORS SKIN TONE ,use a slight rosy color, you should try a cranberry or a more bold pink as well , but more for a night out .( but make sure it doesn’t look cartoonish).
  • For those with BROWN/OLIVE TONES I suggest to go for those bold reds/burgundy and if you are a risk taker a berry pink will be perfect , specially now in spring.




My final tip is to spend some money in lipstick, don’t be cheap because it can ruin your lips and crack them. Besides they last a long time, so pick a good color , make sure you love it.

Some great brands you can choose from are: Marc Jacobs, Chanel, Nars,Christian Dior, Lorac cosmetics,  M.A.C and Sephora .

So be bold, take a risk, choose a great color that helps ou bring out the beauty inside you!!


The Ring Bling



This is the new accessories trend that has everyone hooked.

Love rings but there are not that easy to pull off.

For example, I have really long thin finger so is hard to get a good fit. I’ve bought several rings in H&M and Forever 21 and they fall off sometimes.

Now a days, using more than one ring on one hand look great. With different sizes and shapes, it can look trendy, chic and even dressy. It all depends on the rings you choose.

It is also a very cheap accessory that can really help pick up an outfit. This is a trend for daytime and night-time as well.

Try to choose some rings with design and colors, for ex: a got some green and silver rings that go great with my tan.

But most important get simple rings in different sizes so you can put them mid-finger also. Try to get silver and gold, so you can also switch them up with other style rings.

Here I leave you with some great choices from H&M:











Trend setter: Christian Siriano.

I love, love, love the new collection of Christian Siriano.

christian sirirano

Siriano is a genius. But this is not any new news. I am one of his biggest fans ever since his first appearance and winning in season four of project runway. He always keeps us on our toes, creating the most outrageous, over the top, original, creative and FIERCE outfits.

Siriano’s signatures is quite unique. All of his outfits are empowering , girly,voluminous and with great advanguard structures.

So it is no surprise that his new collection has dazzled us. The pieces exposed in this collection are more ready to wear than in previous year, and I love that.

From cocktail dresses, evening gowns, and even day wear. He gives us a big range to choose from.

My personal obsession of this collection is the striped pencil skirt, that are definitely making a big comeback this year!

It’s perfect for a casual look, to go to work and even dress it up. But there are so many great outfits in this collection that’s really hard to choose just one thing.

siriano 2144120_dulcedeleche1

The most outstanding is the range in the color palette, from yellows, to coral, to flower patterns and strips.

The designer was inspired by his latest trip to Mexico city. That definitely  suit him. It is not new that Siriano was missing some splash of rainbow, and oh boyyy he got it down right this time !!

This collection is fresh, young, flirty, girly , trendy and sophisticated.