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Tag: Spring Collection

Bags bags bags!!!

Tots are all the rage in this spring collection.

 They are girls best friend, perfect  to go out parting. They  hold up our make-up, lipstick, keys and phone.

Even though that is their function it can also be a great accessory. The most common is to have a black tote that can match all of your outfit.

But after seeing this bags I don’t think I can go back to my boring little black bag.

Dont get me wrong I love it, but this bags are to die for!!!

My favorite one and my must have is this Roberto Cavalli Hera bag in turquoise leather from his spring collection ’14.

But there are some many is hard to choose here I leave you some of my top pics!!


Trend setter: Christian Siriano.

I love, love, love the new collection of Christian Siriano.

christian sirirano

Siriano is a genius. But this is not any new news. I am one of his biggest fans ever since his first appearance and winning in season four of project runway. He always keeps us on our toes, creating the most outrageous, over the top, original, creative and FIERCE outfits.

Siriano’s signatures is quite unique. All of his outfits are empowering , girly,voluminous and with great advanguard structures.

So it is no surprise that his new collection has dazzled us. The pieces exposed in this collection are more ready to wear than in previous year, and I love that.

From cocktail dresses, evening gowns, and even day wear. He gives us a big range to choose from.

My personal obsession of this collection is the striped pencil skirt, that are definitely making a big comeback this year!

It’s perfect for a casual look, to go to work and even dress it up. But there are so many great outfits in this collection that’s really hard to choose just one thing.

siriano 2144120_dulcedeleche1

The most outstanding is the range in the color palette, from yellows, to coral, to flower patterns and strips.

The designer was inspired by his latest trip to Mexico city. That definitely  suit him. It is not new that Siriano was missing some splash of rainbow, and oh boyyy he got it down right this time !!

This collection is fresh, young, flirty, girly , trendy and sophisticated.

Obsession of the week.. Rachel Zoe!!

This week my obsession is the new Rachel Zoe ‘s 2014 Spring Collection.

One of my favorites is the leather jacket with crocodile detail. That the designer sports herself in her instagram page with the vice president of her brand: Mandana Dayani, at the same time, priceless:

It’s true: great minds dress alike!!

obsession of the week.

The jacket is part of her new spring collection,  which btw worth dying for!!!


Zoe has amazed us again.

The collection is very minimalist. Inspired in a modern safari look.You can see black and whites, as her signature style. Very elegant and great lines.It is very sexy, sophisticated, trendy , a 60, 70s influence with a modern twist. As expected the collection has flowy dresses and fitted jackets and every piece is tailored to perfection.


Rachel Zoe certainly know how to dress the everyday women. It is not an easy task , but she does it oh so well!!!

After all she is a pro , she is a distinguished stylist of the stars, editor in fashion and designer.

This new collection is perfection in itself, it is effortless, yet  sophisticated and elegant.There is something for every woman.


If you don’t know her yet I suggest you do your research after all she is THE stylist to have and follow.And one of the biggest icons in fashion today.

She understands like no other: women’s likes and needs. She trespasses high fashion to everyday clothing making it wearable.