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vitra: pure design.

store opening

vitra & artek @ bikini berlin

At the beginning of April a new shopping mall opened its doors with a fresh, creative and inspiring concept: The Bikini Berlin. Combining the Berlin easiness and casualty with style and fashion, it creates a whole new shopping experience in an surrounding where architectural thinking is on a new and high level. One store caught most of my attention: vitra&artek.

vitra creates interior, furniture and accessories that inspire while guaranteeing high quality, reanimating classical designs and having a cosy “at-home-atmosphere”. 

vitra haus

The Vitra Haus

Back in Switzerland for a couple of days, I visited the vitra Haus, which is close to the border of Switzerland in Weil am Rhein. The vitra Haus is a huge playground to try every vitra product you want in a real-life and cosy atmosphere. You can see, touch and experience every pice of furniture from the vitra collection.


create beauty

Next to the vitra museum is the production area with amazing architecture by famous designers. Vitra is consequent in its idea of design since every building was created by one of their furniture designers. My favorite building is the fire station built by Zara Hadid. It is functional and shows Zaras architectural footprint at the same time.

zara hadid

fire station on the vitra campus by zara hadid

Your interior design dreams definitely become true with the vitra products. I love the chairs, the classical designs and the pure concept.

vitra Haus

interior ideas


vitra chairs

Visiting the vitra area is a cool experience but as I said, you can also buy the products in Berlin. 🙂

Bikini Berlin

Bikini Berlin


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