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Royal Fashion Icon

kate middleton

The Duchess of Cambridge has become on of the biggest fashion icons in the world, inspiring women around the world.

It must be hard being always in the public eye. Specially in tour like the last one where in 19 days she had to pull 22 looks, looking flawless. And totally achieving it!!

It has been reported she has spent $65,000 for this tour to new Zealand and Australia.

In her suitcase you could find designs by Alexander McQueen, Jimmy Choos,Lela Rose,Jenny Packman,Micheal Kors, Emilia Wicksteas, Zimmerman,Catherine Walker, and much more.

She has manage to become the queen of dresses and coats. No one does it better than the Duchess.

Michael kors Coat

Michael Kors Coat

The color choosing is also pretty incredible, the matching jewelery. It’s hard to have a simple outfits by day and in the same night pull out a gala dress.

Jenny Packman Dress

Jenny Packman Dress

For flats to high high-hills, hats , dresses, coats.. raiding her closet would be any womans dream!

No one does it better, such class, elegance and royalty.


Fashion advice.

westwood logo

“Buy less 

choose well,

and mix it all up”

-Vivian Westwood.

Now a days going shopping is a different experiences, there is a market for everyone. Range of prices that allows us to leave with more than one outfit.

My mom always tells me the story when she was fifteen , buying a cute outfit for parties was not something cheap. So she bought herself a salmon jumpsuit and switch it up with her friends outfits creating a new option.

Today we just buy a new dress or skirt depending on the occasion.

But lately I realize sometimes, getting more outfits isn’t the answer. I rather prefer getting a good quality blouse that I’m crazy about that might be expensive. Than get 5 different options that I just like because there is cheaper.

Sometimes quantity is not better than quality.

So I have decided to take this advice and spend my money in only thing I LOVE.

Lately I have been eyeing a pair of boots that are quite expensive, but im in love with them, I can even visualise outfits. So I have decided to spend my money on them instead of getting two pairs of boot that are ok.

Kiss me hard before you go…


One of the easiest beauty tricks is lipstick.

 It’s easy to apply, the hard part is to choose the right color. The rogue is supposed to highlight our features and give a pop of color.

But if not used the right, you can end up looking like a clown. And that’s defenetly something we don’t want to happen.

Here are some tips on how to choose color according to your color skin:

  • If you are WHITE/FAIR like me I suggest that in summer you try a coral lipstick something light, not that bold. My favorite is a light pink, since im tan it really pops out, and I don’t need much more make -up than that, you can also try as well peachy tones.
  • If you have more MEDIUM COLORS SKIN TONE ,use a slight rosy color, you should try a cranberry or a more bold pink as well , but more for a night out .( but make sure it doesn’t look cartoonish).
  • For those with BROWN/OLIVE TONES I suggest to go for those bold reds/burgundy and if you are a risk taker a berry pink will be perfect , specially now in spring.




My final tip is to spend some money in lipstick, don’t be cheap because it can ruin your lips and crack them. Besides they last a long time, so pick a good color , make sure you love it.

Some great brands you can choose from are: Marc Jacobs, Chanel, Nars,Christian Dior, Lorac cosmetics,  M.A.C and Sephora .

So be bold, take a risk, choose a great color that helps ou bring out the beauty inside you!!

The Ring Bling



This is the new accessories trend that has everyone hooked.

Love rings but there are not that easy to pull off.

For example, I have really long thin finger so is hard to get a good fit. I’ve bought several rings in H&M and Forever 21 and they fall off sometimes.

Now a days, using more than one ring on one hand look great. With different sizes and shapes, it can look trendy, chic and even dressy. It all depends on the rings you choose.

It is also a very cheap accessory that can really help pick up an outfit. This is a trend for daytime and night-time as well.

Try to choose some rings with design and colors, for ex: a got some green and silver rings that go great with my tan.

But most important get simple rings in different sizes so you can put them mid-finger also. Try to get silver and gold, so you can also switch them up with other style rings.

Here I leave you with some great choices from H&M:











Statement neckleses.

Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli

 This trend is surely not new, it has been sported for the last few month, but is still a very much liked trend.

Statement necklaces are a great accessory, the just bring up any outfit. Even casual wear looks more cool.

It’s perfect for those LBD (little black dress) that we have in our placards waiting to go partying. They bring a pop of color to our outfits and make them a different one.



They can help you dress up any outfit , to look more professional , cool , trendy, chic.. it only depends the statement neckles you choose to wear.

New Look

New Look

Many designers have created some amazing pieces to use, but also a lot of affordable brands have great options from where to choose from!!

Tobinns design

Tobinns design

H & M

H & M

Forever 21

Forever 21

I like to have different options and color , so maybe to change-up that blouse I love, creating a completely new look.

A great example of how to wear this statement neckles come from famous blogger Shea Maria, tune in her blog to check out her style:, wich im obsessed with.



Trend setter: Christian Siriano.

I love, love, love the new collection of Christian Siriano.

christian sirirano

Siriano is a genius. But this is not any new news. I am one of his biggest fans ever since his first appearance and winning in season four of project runway. He always keeps us on our toes, creating the most outrageous, over the top, original, creative and FIERCE outfits.

Siriano’s signatures is quite unique. All of his outfits are empowering , girly,voluminous and with great advanguard structures.

So it is no surprise that his new collection has dazzled us. The pieces exposed in this collection are more ready to wear than in previous year, and I love that.

From cocktail dresses, evening gowns, and even day wear. He gives us a big range to choose from.

My personal obsession of this collection is the striped pencil skirt, that are definitely making a big comeback this year!

It’s perfect for a casual look, to go to work and even dress it up. But there are so many great outfits in this collection that’s really hard to choose just one thing.

siriano 2144120_dulcedeleche1

The most outstanding is the range in the color palette, from yellows, to coral, to flower patterns and strips.

The designer was inspired by his latest trip to Mexico city. That definitely  suit him. It is not new that Siriano was missing some splash of rainbow, and oh boyyy he got it down right this time !!

This collection is fresh, young, flirty, girly , trendy and sophisticated.

Obsession of the week.. Rachel Zoe!!

This week my obsession is the new Rachel Zoe ‘s 2014 Spring Collection.

One of my favorites is the leather jacket with crocodile detail. That the designer sports herself in her instagram page with the vice president of her brand: Mandana Dayani, at the same time, priceless:

It’s true: great minds dress alike!!

obsession of the week.

The jacket is part of her new spring collection,  which btw worth dying for!!!


Zoe has amazed us again.

The collection is very minimalist. Inspired in a modern safari look.You can see black and whites, as her signature style. Very elegant and great lines.It is very sexy, sophisticated, trendy , a 60, 70s influence with a modern twist. As expected the collection has flowy dresses and fitted jackets and every piece is tailored to perfection.


Rachel Zoe certainly know how to dress the everyday women. It is not an easy task , but she does it oh so well!!!

After all she is a pro , she is a distinguished stylist of the stars, editor in fashion and designer.

This new collection is perfection in itself, it is effortless, yet  sophisticated and elegant.There is something for every woman.


If you don’t know her yet I suggest you do your research after all she is THE stylist to have and follow.And one of the biggest icons in fashion today.

She understands like no other: women’s likes and needs. She trespasses high fashion to everyday clothing making it wearable.

Fashion statement: Party in the back!

la foto-3

This trend is not new , I myself have been sporting it for quite some time. Its been used a lot in the past  red carpets.

What is party in the back???….. Well it isn’t a fashion term per se , we started using it with a friend since necklines were really not our thing. To be honest is a trend that really favors us flat chicks! It allows you to show some skin, ans t be sexy and mysterious at the same time. Not reviling too much, but not covering up fully.

Some great designers like Dior , Marchesa, Armani Prive and others have dress the stars with this style.

Such as Olivia Wild’s green Gucci dress that she wore to the Golden Globes this year. She literally let me speechless, she looked stunning and oh sooo very pregnant!!

More stars sported this look at the Golden Globs. Like Cate Blanchet’s lace gown from Armani Prive that was so sophisticated and sexy as well with that long bare back. And Naomi Watts liquid silver Tom Ford dress with a crossed back which is the perfect example of a simple dress that has some sassy detail in the back.


But what is really cool is that this style is being  translated into normal day wear. Some brands like Brandi Melville,Top Shop and The look book are the ones sporting it( in the picture above).  But I’m sure that in no time all brands will do!

I definitely want each and every one of this t-shirts and dresses in my wardrobe. There simple, yet trendy and girly withy a hint of sexy. Is a must for every girl, so they can feel comfortable and sexy at the same in the middle of the day.

Hot trend: sunglasses!!


This spring your best accesorie is SUNGLASSES!!!

Have to say i love this new trend. In Argetina is been the rave of the summer and is now being seen in Spring for Europe. All big brands are showing their stuff.  Forbes took out a list of the hottest trends in eyewear, my favourites are the corky Prada sunglasses ,as well as some other unusual shapes like the Robert Graham “Princeton”.

prada sunglasses

 Other much more affordable brand are also following this trends like Forever 21, h&m, Vans, and more.

The latest cool thing I found was wooden sunglasses…Yes  WOOD haha pretty interesting concept and have to say they look cool as well. The Argentina brand is called Palo Santo, don’t know how comfy they might be, though.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

They come in all shapes and colours…..funky and stylish , but you can always go for classic  with some Ray-Bans.

They go with every outfit and you always carry them in your purse so  they are never missed for a great pic!!