Molly Ringwald..

by sharkieandfoxie


She has been called the greatest teen star of all times. If you don’t know her you basically missed the 80s

Even though I was born a lot later, the 80s was a great time for film. And it was thanks to Molly.

She played in three key movies that set this time: The breakfast Club, Pretty in pink and Sixteen Candles.

So let me tell you about these two last movies, because you clearly have to check the out!

First is Pretty in pink! is basically is the introduction of John Cryer, aka DUKY, today most commonly known as Alan Harper. First class comedian that has been entertaining us for thirty years.

The movie tells the same old story: guy best friend is in love with his best friend. While she pines over the popular guy.

It has set the tone for all the chick flicks that have come after it!

The second movie that is a must: Sixteen Candles.

It tells the story is Samantha Backers Sixteen birthday, she is stuck with a guy that drives her crazy , while wishing she was with her crush Jake Ryan.

While adding her crazy and inappropriate family, is totally hilarious and has one of the best scenes in films!!(underpants.. if you know what I mean)


Now a days Molly Ringwald stars in the show The Secret Life of the American Teenager, have to admit I have not seen it. But she is  someone who has played a typical teenager for a long time, so im sure that being a mom of one now must be very interesting!