Fashion advice.

by sharkieandfoxie

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“Buy less 

choose well,

and mix it all up”

-Vivian Westwood.

Now a days going shopping is a different experiences, there is a market for everyone. Range of prices that allows us to leave with more than one outfit.

My mom always tells me the story when she was fifteen , buying a cute outfit for parties was not something cheap. So she bought herself a salmon jumpsuit and switch it up with her friends outfits creating a new option.

Today we just buy a new dress or skirt depending on the occasion.

But lately I realize sometimes, getting more outfits isn’t the answer. I rather prefer getting a good quality blouse that I’m crazy about that might be expensive. Than get 5 different options that I just like because there is cheaper.

Sometimes quantity is not better than quality.

So I have decided to take this advice and spend my money in only thing I LOVE.

Lately I have been eyeing a pair of boots that are quite expensive, but im in love with them, I can even visualise outfits. So I have decided to spend my money on them instead of getting two pairs of boot that are ok.