NEIGHBORS.. family vs.frat

by sharkieandfoxie


Seth Rogen does it again. This movie is HILARIOUS!!!

After all he is the master of comedy, no one does it better than him.

The movie is about a new couple played by Seth and Rose Byrne that have a baby, living in the suburbs . When their new neighbors move in next door and it turns out it’s a fraternity.

The movie starting point is when Seth make a promise not to called the cops, and when the promise is broken things escalates pretty quickly to a big war between  them, and Delta Psi has the upper hand. The stunts they pull are unthinkable!!

These movie has amazing actors and great comedic moments such us when Seth asks Zac Efron , that plays the president of the Frat, who is Batman to him? As he does Christian Bale imitation of Batman , I try not to pee in my pants!

The movie is in Theatres all over the USA and soon in many more countries!

 Can’t miss it, is a masterpiece of comedy.. Check out the trailer if not convinced: NIEGHBORS