Kiss me hard before you go…

by sharkieandfoxie


One of the easiest beauty tricks is lipstick.

 It’s easy to apply, the hard part is to choose the right color. The rogue is supposed to highlight our features and give a pop of color.

But if not used the right, you can end up looking like a clown. And that’s defenetly something we don’t want to happen.

Here are some tips on how to choose color according to your color skin:

  • If you are WHITE/FAIR like me I suggest that in summer you try a coral lipstick something light, not that bold. My favorite is a light pink, since im tan it really pops out, and I don’t need much more make -up than that, you can also try as well peachy tones.
  • If you have more MEDIUM COLORS SKIN TONE ,use a slight rosy color, you should try a cranberry or a more bold pink as well , but more for a night out .( but make sure it doesn’t look cartoonish).
  • For those with BROWN/OLIVE TONES I suggest to go for those bold reds/burgundy and if you are a risk taker a berry pink will be perfect , specially now in spring.




My final tip is to spend some money in lipstick, don’t be cheap because it can ruin your lips and crack them. Besides they last a long time, so pick a good color , make sure you love it.

Some great brands you can choose from are: Marc Jacobs, Chanel, Nars,Christian Dior, Lorac cosmetics,  M.A.C and Sephora .

So be bold, take a risk, choose a great color that helps ou bring out the beauty inside you!!