When you play the games of thrones you win our you die…GOT.

by sharkieandfoxie


This is the best TV show that I have ever seen!!

If you don’t know this show im sure you’ve been living under a rock for the past four years because that would be the only explanation. If that’s the case I suggest you go to Netflix or to any DVD store and buy all season 1, 2 & 3 of Game of Thrones to catch up immediately.

For those fanatics like me, I know season four has started and has not disappointed us!


So after the end of season three with the famous red wedding , I sincerely thought it was going to be hard to top it and kill another mayor character. But oh was I soo wrong!!

On episode two of this season we all got a hell of a surprise with the second most infamous wedding in westerous of our hated king Geoffrey . But im sure no one saw what was coming( unless you read the books)

I was completely in shock , even screaming in my bed when it turned out that Geoffrey was poisoned and now he is DEAD!!

So long far well to our king!!( song .. ding-dong the witch is dead the witch is dead came into my head)

Ouch!!! it seems that weddings after all are something to be feared and quite dangerous!!

This has become to be known as the purple wedding for the colour of Geoffrys face, and it could not suit more perfectly. The flare of drama and unexpected brought in this episode only proves who amazing it is he show.

This is the reason I  love this show some much. It has brought back that wow and surprising factor that we missed.

Shows have become so predictable. Normally in GOT we have to wait till episode 9 for something awful (and yet soo waited for the fans) to happen. But this showed us yet again that we havent have anything figured out. It was only the second episode!!

Lets face it no character is safe and we love it!

In Season 1 the main character Ned Stark was beheaded giving the essence of the show. Many character have gone to meet their maker, but some of the most outrages death were: Robert Baratheon, Renly Baratheon,Vyseries Targaryan, Karl Drogo,Ross,Lewin, The famous red wedding and all there casualties.

So lesson learned, prepared cause you’ll be amazed, after all Cercei was right

” When you play the game of thrones you win or you die”