30 years of Breakfast Club.

by sharkieandfoxie



The Breakfast Club was one , if not the best movie of the 80s.

Even though it was aired way before I was born , I have seen it a bunch of time. I really like old movies and classics, and the breakfast club is definitely a classic!!

If you have not seen it go to Netflix and download it ASAP! you will not regret it.

You know its is a good movie from the 80s, if Molly Ringwald is staring in it.

The movie tells the story of 5 students all from different cliques, that end up in detention.

They spent their punishment getting to know each other and end up realizing they are not that different.

Don’t want to say too much, as to not spoiled the movie.

But if you don’t trust me,here I leave you to watch the trailer and decide for yourselves !!