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Royal Fashion Icon

kate middleton

The Duchess of Cambridge has become on of the biggest fashion icons in the world, inspiring women around the world.

It must be hard being always in the public eye. Specially in tour like the last one where in 19 days she had to pull 22 looks, looking flawless. And totally achieving it!!

It has been reported she has spent $65,000 for this tour to new Zealand and Australia.

In her suitcase you could find designs by Alexander McQueen, Jimmy Choos,Lela Rose,Jenny Packman,Micheal Kors, Emilia Wicksteas, Zimmerman,Catherine Walker, and much more.

She has manage to become the queen of dresses and coats. No one does it better than the Duchess.

Michael kors Coat

Michael Kors Coat

The color choosing is also pretty incredible, the matching jewelery. It’s hard to have a simple outfits by day and in the same night pull out a gala dress.

Jenny Packman Dress

Jenny Packman Dress

For flats to high high-hills, hats , dresses, coats.. raiding her closet would be any womans dream!

No one does it better, such class, elegance and royalty.


Molly Ringwald..


She has been called the greatest teen star of all times. If you don’t know her you basically missed the 80s

Even though I was born a lot later, the 80s was a great time for film. And it was thanks to Molly.

She played in three key movies that set this time: The breakfast Club, Pretty in pink and Sixteen Candles.

So let me tell you about these two last movies, because you clearly have to check the out!

First is Pretty in pink! is basically is the introduction of John Cryer, aka DUKY, today most commonly known as Alan Harper. First class comedian that has been entertaining us for thirty years.

The movie tells the same old story: guy best friend is in love with his best friend. While she pines over the popular guy.

It has set the tone for all the chick flicks that have come after it!

The second movie that is a must: Sixteen Candles.

It tells the story is Samantha Backers Sixteen birthday, she is stuck with a guy that drives her crazy , while wishing she was with her crush Jake Ryan.

While adding her crazy and inappropriate family, is totally hilarious and has one of the best scenes in films!!(underpants.. if you know what I mean)


Now a days Molly Ringwald stars in the show The Secret Life of the American Teenager, have to admit I have not seen it. But she is  someone who has played a typical teenager for a long time, so im sure that being a mom of one now must be very interesting!

Fashion advice.

westwood logo

“Buy less 

choose well,

and mix it all up”

-Vivian Westwood.

Now a days going shopping is a different experiences, there is a market for everyone. Range of prices that allows us to leave with more than one outfit.

My mom always tells me the story when she was fifteen , buying a cute outfit for parties was not something cheap. So she bought herself a salmon jumpsuit and switch it up with her friends outfits creating a new option.

Today we just buy a new dress or skirt depending on the occasion.

But lately I realize sometimes, getting more outfits isn’t the answer. I rather prefer getting a good quality blouse that I’m crazy about that might be expensive. Than get 5 different options that I just like because there is cheaper.

Sometimes quantity is not better than quality.

So I have decided to take this advice and spend my money in only thing I LOVE.

Lately I have been eyeing a pair of boots that are quite expensive, but im in love with them, I can even visualise outfits. So I have decided to spend my money on them instead of getting two pairs of boot that are ok.

How to get away with murder


Get ready for the new Shonda Rhime show that will blow your mind!!

The show is a legal thriller that all future lawyer like myself have to watch.

The show is a about a Criminal Law class 101 or as its teacher, played by no other than Viola Davis,calls it HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER.(Check trailer!)

viola davis

The students have to impress their teacher in other to get one of the four jobs she offers to her students at the end of the semester.

But they become entangled in a murder plot that will shake the entire university and change the course of their lives.

How far will a student go to make the grade?? I’ll guess will find out.

I have high hopes for the show!! Like Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy drama and intrigue will be expected and no doubt deliver.

Can’t wait for it to start. It will aire right after Scandal Thursdays at 10/9 on ABC.

NEIGHBORS.. family vs.frat


Seth Rogen does it again. This movie is HILARIOUS!!!

After all he is the master of comedy, no one does it better than him.

The movie is about a new couple played by Seth and Rose Byrne that have a baby, living in the suburbs . When their new neighbors move in next door and it turns out it’s a fraternity.

The movie starting point is when Seth make a promise not to called the cops, and when the promise is broken things escalates pretty quickly to a big war between  them, and Delta Psi has the upper hand. The stunts they pull are unthinkable!!

These movie has amazing actors and great comedic moments such us when Seth asks Zac Efron , that plays the president of the Frat, who is Batman to him? As he does Christian Bale imitation of Batman , I try not to pee in my pants!

The movie is in Theatres all over the USA and soon in many more countries!

 Can’t miss it, is a masterpiece of comedy.. Check out the trailer if not convinced: NIEGHBORS


Kiss me hard before you go…


One of the easiest beauty tricks is lipstick.

 It’s easy to apply, the hard part is to choose the right color. The rogue is supposed to highlight our features and give a pop of color.

But if not used the right, you can end up looking like a clown. And that’s defenetly something we don’t want to happen.

Here are some tips on how to choose color according to your color skin:

  • If you are WHITE/FAIR like me I suggest that in summer you try a coral lipstick something light, not that bold. My favorite is a light pink, since im tan it really pops out, and I don’t need much more make -up than that, you can also try as well peachy tones.
  • If you have more MEDIUM COLORS SKIN TONE ,use a slight rosy color, you should try a cranberry or a more bold pink as well , but more for a night out .( but make sure it doesn’t look cartoonish).
  • For those with BROWN/OLIVE TONES I suggest to go for those bold reds/burgundy and if you are a risk taker a berry pink will be perfect , specially now in spring.




My final tip is to spend some money in lipstick, don’t be cheap because it can ruin your lips and crack them. Besides they last a long time, so pick a good color , make sure you love it.

Some great brands you can choose from are: Marc Jacobs, Chanel, Nars,Christian Dior, Lorac cosmetics,  M.A.C and Sephora .

So be bold, take a risk, choose a great color that helps ou bring out the beauty inside you!!

The Ring Bling



This is the new accessories trend that has everyone hooked.

Love rings but there are not that easy to pull off.

For example, I have really long thin finger so is hard to get a good fit. I’ve bought several rings in H&M and Forever 21 and they fall off sometimes.

Now a days, using more than one ring on one hand look great. With different sizes and shapes, it can look trendy, chic and even dressy. It all depends on the rings you choose.

It is also a very cheap accessory that can really help pick up an outfit. This is a trend for daytime and night-time as well.

Try to choose some rings with design and colors, for ex: a got some green and silver rings that go great with my tan.

But most important get simple rings in different sizes so you can put them mid-finger also. Try to get silver and gold, so you can also switch them up with other style rings.

Here I leave you with some great choices from H&M:











When you play the games of thrones you win our you die…GOT.


This is the best TV show that I have ever seen!!

If you don’t know this show im sure you’ve been living under a rock for the past four years because that would be the only explanation. If that’s the case I suggest you go to Netflix or to any DVD store and buy all season 1, 2 & 3 of Game of Thrones to catch up immediately.

For those fanatics like me, I know season four has started and has not disappointed us!


So after the end of season three with the famous red wedding , I sincerely thought it was going to be hard to top it and kill another mayor character. But oh was I soo wrong!!

On episode two of this season we all got a hell of a surprise with the second most infamous wedding in westerous of our hated king Geoffrey . But im sure no one saw what was coming( unless you read the books)

I was completely in shock , even screaming in my bed when it turned out that Geoffrey was poisoned and now he is DEAD!!

So long far well to our king!!( song .. ding-dong the witch is dead the witch is dead came into my head)

Ouch!!! it seems that weddings after all are something to be feared and quite dangerous!!

This has become to be known as the purple wedding for the colour of Geoffrys face, and it could not suit more perfectly. The flare of drama and unexpected brought in this episode only proves who amazing it is he show.

This is the reason I  love this show some much. It has brought back that wow and surprising factor that we missed.

Shows have become so predictable. Normally in GOT we have to wait till episode 9 for something awful (and yet soo waited for the fans) to happen. But this showed us yet again that we havent have anything figured out. It was only the second episode!!

Lets face it no character is safe and we love it!

In Season 1 the main character Ned Stark was beheaded giving the essence of the show. Many character have gone to meet their maker, but some of the most outrages death were: Robert Baratheon, Renly Baratheon,Vyseries Targaryan, Karl Drogo,Ross,Lewin, The famous red wedding and all there casualties.

So lesson learned, prepared cause you’ll be amazed, after all Cercei was right

” When you play the game of thrones you win or you die”



Thats so fetch!!


10 years of Mean Girls!!!! What??? I feel so old.

I love this movie and I’m pretty sure everyone has seen it. But if you haven’t is a must.

It is a perfect example of a chick flick that makes parodies of real life. This was a great comedy, that has left us with some of the best catch phrases ever.

 The movie tells the story of Cady Heron, played by Linsey Lohan, who is raised in African by her zoologist parents.

She thinks she knows all about the “survival of the fittest” like the animal world. But  when she changes her homeschooling to attend to public high school for the first time, and  the rules change as she enters Girls world. She try to find her place and long story short she ends up with the Queen Bees….. The Plastics.Played by no other than Amanda seyfried  as Karen and Rachel Mcadams as Regina George. Where Cady elaborates this plan to bring the down, and end up being a complete bitch!

Lately there has been a lot of rumors of a reunion for Mean girls, specially after comments made by Lindsay Lohan. But those rumors have been put to rest by write, producer and actress Tina Fey. She said she hasn’t written a script for it. But the good news is she didn’t say no to the ides of it.

So fingers crossed we get to see a sequel with this amazing actresses.

Statement neckleses.

Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli

 This trend is surely not new, it has been sported for the last few month, but is still a very much liked trend.

Statement necklaces are a great accessory, the just bring up any outfit. Even casual wear looks more cool.

It’s perfect for those LBD (little black dress) that we have in our placards waiting to go partying. They bring a pop of color to our outfits and make them a different one.



They can help you dress up any outfit , to look more professional , cool , trendy, chic.. it only depends the statement neckles you choose to wear.

New Look

New Look

Many designers have created some amazing pieces to use, but also a lot of affordable brands have great options from where to choose from!!

Tobinns design

Tobinns design

H & M

H & M

Forever 21

Forever 21

I like to have different options and color , so maybe to change-up that blouse I love, creating a completely new look.

A great example of how to wear this statement neckles come from famous blogger Shea Maria, tune in her blog to check out her style:, wich im obsessed with.



vitra: pure design.

store opening

vitra & artek @ bikini berlin

At the beginning of April a new shopping mall opened its doors with a fresh, creative and inspiring concept: The Bikini Berlin. Combining the Berlin easiness and casualty with style and fashion, it creates a whole new shopping experience in an surrounding where architectural thinking is on a new and high level. One store caught most of my attention: vitra&artek.

vitra creates interior, furniture and accessories that inspire while guaranteeing high quality, reanimating classical designs and having a cosy “at-home-atmosphere”. 

vitra haus

The Vitra Haus

Back in Switzerland for a couple of days, I visited the vitra Haus, which is close to the border of Switzerland in Weil am Rhein. The vitra Haus is a huge playground to try every vitra product you want in a real-life and cosy atmosphere. You can see, touch and experience every pice of furniture from the vitra collection.


create beauty

Next to the vitra museum is the production area with amazing architecture by famous designers. Vitra is consequent in its idea of design since every building was created by one of their furniture designers. My favorite building is the fire station built by Zara Hadid. It is functional and shows Zaras architectural footprint at the same time.

zara hadid

fire station on the vitra campus by zara hadid

Your interior design dreams definitely become true with the vitra products. I love the chairs, the classical designs and the pure concept.

vitra Haus

interior ideas


vitra chairs

Visiting the vitra area is a cool experience but as I said, you can also buy the products in Berlin. 🙂

Bikini Berlin

Bikini Berlin

Nominated for a Liebster Award!!


First ad foremost we want to thank Chloe for the nomination. It was really nice of her to nominate us, we didn’t even known about the award. So after her nomination we did I little research and found out about it and  how great this is.It  really has  helped us to know more new blogs,wich is always exiting to discover, specially since we are new to the whole Bloglovin’ experience. But also to get our blog out there  and to be able to share it with more people.

11 facts about us:

1. We meet in Paris as exchange students.

2. We call each other in real life foxie and sharkie.

3.Crepe obsesed.. love my nutella banana.

4.Iphone addicts

5.Travel junkies, want to travel the whole world

5.Book horders,we have big piles in our rooms.

7.Dog lovers.

8.Accesorie freak.I can’t leave home with out a scarf or pashmina.

8.Always have some chocolate stash for the cravings.

10.When going shopping I try to visualize with what would go in my placard.

11.Marathon runner

This are Chloe questions and our answers:

1. What is your favourite beauty product? (Mascara, lipstick, etc.)

Foxie: Definitely mascara I have several of them for different moments, night out , day time.
Sharkie: I love to accent my eyebrows. I color them in a light brown, which gives my face a nice contour. When I go out for partying I like to give them a really strong character by taking a darker brown.

2. What is your top 3 favourite songs?

Foxie: I don’t have favorite song , I go change all the time. But the ones i been listening to these days are: 1. Demos by Imagen Dragons, 2.Counting stars by One republic, 3. Dream a little dream by The mamas and the papas.

Sharkie: Same as Foxie- I don’t really have one favorite song. The top three of my iTunes List are at the moment: 1. Another Love by Tom Odell, 2. Wake me up by Avicii, 3. Down by the river by Milky Chance (who originally come from a city which is just nearby my hometown)

3. Do you play a musical instrument? if so what instrument?

Foxie: I used to play the piano but i haven’t done it in a very long time.

Sharkie: Unfortunately: no. I regret it, though since music is a wonderful world to express emotions. I guess, I really want to learn an instrument in my life. Piano would be my favorite.

4. What is your favourite clothing piece?

Foxie: I’ll probably would have to jeans, in particular my Levis jeans love those!! they make my legs look thinner.

Sharkie: @Foxie haha def your Levis Jeans!! They fit you perfectly! For me: I am going with black leggings and black cute tops. Half of my closet is black whereas my accessories are really colorful.

5. What are you scared of?

Foxie: Good question! Spiders I guess, so many things that come up to mind.

Sharkie: I don’t like dark rooms with closets haha I watched too many horror movies when i was young.

6. Do you prefer sweet or savoury food?

Foxie: Definitely sweet!! I’m a chocoholic. Doughnuts are my kreptonitie.

Sharkie: I would go for sweet, fresh and healthy food. I would do everything for  a nice and fresh watermelon. And I am a fool for apples.

7. What is your favourite clothing pattern? (Floral, etc.)

Foxie: Definitely say strips, after doing my spring cleaning of my closet i realized this, haha and also that i should stop buying anything with strips cause is not always so flattering for the figure.

Sharkie: Since my closet almost consists of black clothes, this is a tough question. I just bought a new top which is definitely on my top tops list at the moment. It’s a colorful floral top.

8. What is your favourite holiday? (Christmas, etc.)

Foxie: I love Christmas, I am ones of those people who sings carols alL week-long. Love putting the fancy table and preparing special dishes. Is a lovely time were all my family is together.

Sharkie: @Foxie: Remember last Christmas at my place? 🙂 I love the summer holidays since it’s the only time when it’s really hot in Germany/Switzerland/France.

9. What is your dream job?

Foxie: I don’t have one, kind of sad to say that but i would like to do something that makes me happy, thats all I have figured out!

Sharkie: I dream about a creative job. I love ads and creating them would be really cool.

10. What is your favourite colour?

Foxie: I guess blue. The truth i don’t really have one, it depends on the mood.

Sharkie: Definitley black. In case that doesn’t count: pink!

11. Why did you start blogging?

Foxie & Sharkie: We started blogging cause it was something fun to do together , so we could tell each other out thoughts and opinions. since we live very far away and in different cultures is fun to learn more about each other. We shared a great time in Paris and we don’t want to lose the close contact.

Our nominees:

1.Your dose of coffe

2. Molly’s fashion worldland…

3.Emma Griffy


5.Beauty toolkits

6.Lisa Yonce-Fashion and beauty blog

7.Everything little thing

8.Handbags and handguns

9.Leopard & laces

10.Natasha Oakley Blog

11.Catching Dreams

Our questions?

1. Why did you start blogging?
2. How would you describe your blog?
3. What is your favorite designer?
4. If you were left in a deserted island and you could only carry three items , which would they be?
5.What can you not leave home with out?
6. Who is your favorite writer?(books,magazines,blogs,etc)
7. If you have travel which was your favorite place, and if you haven’t where are you dying to go?
8.Who is your celebrity crush?
9.Your favorite food and why? and if you can post a picture of it!
10.If you won 1.000 dolars/euros what would you first spend it on?
11.Are you a sneaker or high heels kind of girl?

If you choose to accept this award here are the rules:

1. Thank the blog that nominated you, and link their blog link on your blog.
2. Display the award (image) on your blog.
3. Provide 11 random facts about yourself.
4. Answer 11 questions about yourself, that is provided by the blog that nominated you.
5. Nominate 11 blogs that you feel deserve this award (Note: the blog does have to have under 1000 followers)
6. Create a new list of questions for your nominated blogs to answer.
7. List all of these rules (you can copy and paste)
8. Inform the nominated blogs about this award, and also provide a link for them to your post, so then they can understand the rules (because they may not have even heard about it).

30 years of Breakfast Club.



The Breakfast Club was one , if not the best movie of the 80s.

Even though it was aired way before I was born , I have seen it a bunch of time. I really like old movies and classics, and the breakfast club is definitely a classic!!

If you have not seen it go to Netflix and download it ASAP! you will not regret it.

You know its is a good movie from the 80s, if Molly Ringwald is staring in it.

The movie tells the story of 5 students all from different cliques, that end up in detention.

They spent their punishment getting to know each other and end up realizing they are not that different.

Don’t want to say too much, as to not spoiled the movie.

But if you don’t trust me,here I leave you to watch the trailer and decide for yourselves !!


Bags bags bags!!!

Tots are all the rage in this spring collection.

 They are girls best friend, perfect  to go out parting. They  hold up our make-up, lipstick, keys and phone.

Even though that is their function it can also be a great accessory. The most common is to have a black tote that can match all of your outfit.

But after seeing this bags I don’t think I can go back to my boring little black bag.

Dont get me wrong I love it, but this bags are to die for!!!

My favorite one and my must have is this Roberto Cavalli Hera bag in turquoise leather from his spring collection ’14.

But there are some many is hard to choose here I leave you some of my top pics!!

Trend setter: Christian Siriano.

I love, love, love the new collection of Christian Siriano.

christian sirirano

Siriano is a genius. But this is not any new news. I am one of his biggest fans ever since his first appearance and winning in season four of project runway. He always keeps us on our toes, creating the most outrageous, over the top, original, creative and FIERCE outfits.

Siriano’s signatures is quite unique. All of his outfits are empowering , girly,voluminous and with great advanguard structures.

So it is no surprise that his new collection has dazzled us. The pieces exposed in this collection are more ready to wear than in previous year, and I love that.

From cocktail dresses, evening gowns, and even day wear. He gives us a big range to choose from.

My personal obsession of this collection is the striped pencil skirt, that are definitely making a big comeback this year!

It’s perfect for a casual look, to go to work and even dress it up. But there are so many great outfits in this collection that’s really hard to choose just one thing.

siriano 2144120_dulcedeleche1

The most outstanding is the range in the color palette, from yellows, to coral, to flower patterns and strips.

The designer was inspired by his latest trip to Mexico city. That definitely  suit him. It is not new that Siriano was missing some splash of rainbow, and oh boyyy he got it down right this time !!

This collection is fresh, young, flirty, girly , trendy and sophisticated.

Dulce de leche.

Dulce de leche or “Confitur de lait” as  french call it, is a traditional sweet from Argentina.


What is it exactly? well in professional terms it can be explained as the caramelization of the milk. But the truth is, is like a little piece of heaven.

I, myself as an Argentinian im obsessed with it. For us is a sort of Nutella like in Europe. We use it por crepes,waffles, cakes, toasts,ice-cream, pies,yogurt and some other very latin things like alfajores and havannets. Basically anything you can think of.

If you have never tried it, you must. In many european countries and USA are available. But I suggest you try the real deal with  some of Argentina’s and Uruguay’s products, if you can find them.


There many brands and oddly all bands are not the same. The best ones for me are HAVANNA, that also does alfajores and other delicatessen. Or ESTILO COLONIAL that is more of a commercial brand. CHIMBOTE is the one that I was able to find in paris , which is pretty good. And from Uruguay is LA PATAIA, that is also one of my favourites.


So why try it you might ask?? well first you can’t say you don’t like it unless you’ve tried it.

But if not ,just have i little faith in me  you will love it!!

It just goes perfectly with everything even bananas!!

 It makes for a great dessert or even if you are just craving something sweet you can even just eating from the jar alone by spoonfuls.

For Argentinians’ dulce de leche is something we have constant. Hopefully everyone can try it  one day.

You can even make your own. It is not easy the first time but here is a link from YouTube that teaches you how( unfortunately is in spanish.)

Don’t worry if in the first try it doesn’t come out. But it is worth it to try it out and let us know how it went!!!

I want to be a Gladiator


If you are inquiring what is I’m referring to when I say I want to be a gladiator, it is time you catch up with one of the best TV shows of the moment, no other than …..


It is a political thriller that take place in the White House. It tells the story of the crisis management and former White House communications directions, Olivia Pope, played by actress Kerry Washington.

Her job is to protect and defend the image of the nation’s elite. She does this with the help of her dysfunctional staff.This staff is composed by an ex-con , an abused wife, ex-secret militar agent and a girl supposed to have blown up a building killing her fiance.

One of her clients is the most important man in the world, no other than the president of the United States. But that is the tip of the iceberg, as she is also having  an ongoing affair with.

If that hasn’t hooked you enough, as always the plot thickens.She is also the reason why he is president at all. Since she and his comity rigged the election. This is the main story line for the first season. Now the show is on its third season and hopefully we’ll see a fourth one as well.

Her troublesome affair keeps us in love with her and Fitz, the president of the USA. But as always, this is a drama and as such it has its ups and downs to keep us glue to the tv and waiting for the next episode to air.

The show was written by no other than Shonda Rhime.And if her name sounds familiar is because she  also  wrote on another huge dramatic-series and another of my favorites, Grey’s anatomy.

Well so you may be asking yourself why I want to be a gladiator.

If you follow the show, this really does not need any explication.

But if you don’t  this group of people show us that anything and everything is possible, just have to set your mind to it . I love how strong and smart Olivia Pope is, I admire this tipe of female character that inspire everyday women.

If you want to be hooked, just watch the trailer.

and you’ll be convinced to love Olivia Pope and watch it!

From Giverny with love.


While living in Paris I travelled around France. And in those trips I found my little piece of heaven in this world.

But it is not a new discover place. It was where Claude Monet created most of his greatest works….. Giverny.

If you’ve never been I suggest to you to put it in your bucketlist of places to see. Believe me you won’t regret it.

I have admire Monet for a long time and living in paris just intensified that love and respect for the artist. The colors, the way he capture the light and the scenarios. I know nothing about art, I just know what I like and don’t like. Pretty basic stuff, but you don’t need to know anything to admire beauty.

And Giverny is just a place so beautiful I can not find words to describe it.

I went on the train to Vernon that is the town near by. When I got there I was supposed to take a shuttle that took you to Giverny , but instead I decided to walk. The day could not be more magnificent, not a cloud in the sky. I started walking through the little town of Vernon. So beautiful, the little cobble streets, the shops and houses. I arrived at the Notre Damm church of Vernon that Monet had painted in several occasions, of course no comparison to the Notre Damm of Paris.It was very charming and small, and exactly as his paintings.

I crossed the bridge to what appears to be the next town neighbour, following the signs to Giverny. It was a 7 km walk, but believe me it was worth it!

The road is long and really not much to see for some km, but then you find some little golden pebbles. Some cute houses in the middle of nowhere, so peaceful and quite.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Once  I arrived at the house of Monet I went in. So bright and colorful, and yet so simple. It was so exiting to see the house , and replicas of some of his paintings. Then there were the gardens so perfectly preserved, with such a big effort from the gardeners. But he main attraction will leave you breathless.

You go though some underground stairs, and come out on another side. You find yourself in front of a little stream and some bamboo …. and in less than one minute following that stream I found myself staring at that famous green bridge.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

I could go on and on about  the place. But all I will say is that is spent 3 hours there!!

The truth is this is a place that is worth seeing not reading about!!

I will leave you with this picture of the place… and no it has no filters what so ever, is a 100 percent natural.



Obsession of the week.. Rachel Zoe!!

This week my obsession is the new Rachel Zoe ‘s 2014 Spring Collection.

One of my favorites is the leather jacket with crocodile detail. That the designer sports herself in her instagram page with the vice president of her brand: Mandana Dayani, at the same time, priceless:

It’s true: great minds dress alike!!

obsession of the week.

The jacket is part of her new spring collection,  which btw worth dying for!!!


Zoe has amazed us again.

The collection is very minimalist. Inspired in a modern safari look.You can see black and whites, as her signature style. Very elegant and great lines.It is very sexy, sophisticated, trendy , a 60, 70s influence with a modern twist. As expected the collection has flowy dresses and fitted jackets and every piece is tailored to perfection.


Rachel Zoe certainly know how to dress the everyday women. It is not an easy task , but she does it oh so well!!!

After all she is a pro , she is a distinguished stylist of the stars, editor in fashion and designer.

This new collection is perfection in itself, it is effortless, yet  sophisticated and elegant.There is something for every woman.


If you don’t know her yet I suggest you do your research after all she is THE stylist to have and follow.And one of the biggest icons in fashion today.

She understands like no other: women’s likes and needs. She trespasses high fashion to everyday clothing making it wearable.